The fear of going to the gym

We all been in that place where we want to start doing something, but there is something that is holding us back. We want to start taking care of our body, of our health, but we don’t know how. It’s always scary to take the first step and just do it. Especially going to the gym. We humans don’t like to be alone in the public place – gym, theater, cinema, cafe, you name it. We don’t want to stand out. We want to be that little girl or boy in the corner that no one is looking at. Yes, I understand.. I felt the same. It’s always easier to go to the cinema or cafe with someone else. It’s always easier to go to the group training by yourself. But we don’t think that most of the people there are actually alone. So it doesn’t make any difference if you are alone with 40 other people in the group training or you are alone in the gym with other 30 human being. We are all there for the same reason – to be healthy, to be ourselves, to have our quality time.

So I guess you are wondering how to get over the fear? Well I have some tips for you. The main goal is to change our mindset. Because it’s actually all about our mindset. How we see things, how we think about those things we see, how we react to things, how we talk about them. There are a lot of similar things or experiences happening to different people, but it’s the mindset we have that reacts differently to those things. If you are positive about life and take even bad things as a great experience, then you will get a lot further in life with that mindset.

So, first of all – change your mindset. Be more positive, more confident. As Sarah’s Day (blogger) says “Act confident and no one will question you”. It is so true. People do not know if you actually are as confident as you seem to them. Just put on a smile and go on with your life. Be more patient with things. Take small steps and celebrate them. You don’t have to be badass guru in the gym from day one. I don’t think it works that way. You have to built slowly your confidence, but meanwhile you are working on it, act confident. Believe me, it will help you get the things you really want.

Second of all – just go to the gym. If you don’t want to go there alone or don’t want to take a personal trainer take a friend. I’m sure you have at least one friend who is going to the gym. Ask them. I’m sure they will gladly help you as most of people have been in the same place as you are right now. Ask if they would be so kind and take you under their wing. After a while you will feel a lot more relaxed in there as you understand that no one is actually watching you. And even if they do, that is not your problem! You just have to ignore other people and focus on yourself. Because that is the main reason you are doing this. Remember this. That will keep you motivated.

So after you have changed your mindset and found a friend to workout with you can now explore more about different training styles or maybe take some training program to follow. You can take personal trainer who can make you a program or you can just research and find some online coach who has a program to follow. Or if you want, you can always make your own plan to follow and try different things to see what you like the most. It’s all about experimenting and enjoying the process.

Never be afraid of trying new things. Never be afraid to be wrong. There is no right or wrong. There are different possibilities for different people. What works for others may not work for you. You have to find your way. Explore and never forget to enjoy the roller coaster.

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